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Presentation Code Paper Title Presenter Name Presenter Surname Vote Comments
Mo4.2Flexible V-band mmWave Analog-RoF Transmission of 5G and WiGig signals using an InP-SiN Integrated Laser ModuleDevikaDass
Tu1.4Simultaneous Notch Filtering and Linearization in an Integrated Microwave Photonic CircuitGaojianLiu
Tu1.5High rejection photonic RF filter using a thulium doped crystalLothaireUlrich
We2.3Indoor field-trial in X band of a photonics-based multiband radar on a packaged silicon chipMalik Muhammad HarisAmir
We4.2Reconfigurable Double-Injection Ring Resonator for Integrated Microwave Photonic Signal ProcessingOkky Daulay
We4.4Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Multilayer Silicon Nitride WaveguidesRoelBotter
We5.4Photonic Measurement of Microwave Backscattering CharacteristicsMichaelBenker