Instructions for Speakers

MWP2021 will be held on the Whova platform

  • Please note that every registered Speaker can present a maximum of two Papers.
  • Presenters of regular Talks are requested to send a recorded Presentation by November 8.

The recorded presentation will be played during its scheduled time slot. In order to ensure the maximum interactions among Speakers and Attendees, Speakers are warmly invited to stand by during their presentation slot for Questions&Answers.

Compatibly with their time zone, Presenters are warmly suggested to give their Talk live. In this case, Speakers must prepare their presentation slides, and share their screen during their presentation time slot. Please note that sending the recorded presentation is mandatory anyway for every Speaker, even if they opt for a live presentation, to ensure the smooth progress of the Conference.

The online Conference platform will make a Practice Room available for Presenting Authors (instructions on how to access the Practice Room will be made available soon). Speakers are requested to access the Practice Room at least 30 minutes before their session for checking the audio & video settings.

At the end of each Conference day, all the recorded Talks of the day will be made available online for registered Attendees through the Program webpage. A Q&A box will be available for each recorded Talk (on the right of the screen) to allow interactions between the Attendees and the Presenter.

Every recorder Talk will be made available online for three days after its scheduled presentation.

How to record your presentation

The recorded Presentation shall have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Please note the following size limits for the video file:

  • Up to 100 MB in MP4/WMA format for Regular Talks (13 min video + 2 min for Q&A)
  • Up to 200 MB in MP4/WMA format for Invited Talks (25 min video + 5 min for Q&A)

We suggest the Speakers to also include in the video the live recording of their face from their webcam.

There are several platforms that allow recording presentations. We suggest to use Zoom.

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